Our Story

Welcome to Riverbend Labrador Retrievers Ltd, more casually called Riverbend. We are a small family-based kennel located in the county of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Here we solely breed the Labrador Retriever.

From a young age I (Sarah) have been whelping, raising, and navigating the process from which a puppy enters this world then its first home. From all the breeds I have experience with, the Lab is the only dog I would recommend and choose personally when it comes to adding a companion and partner to a home.

When I was a young girl, I use to hide puppies from future families and name them “Cookie Dough”. Yes, that really did happen! With time and years behind me, my love for the puppy, the dog, and the process has taken on its ultimate form of now being able to provide a puppy to families across Atlantic Canada. And at that, to share with those who have the same love, a healthy and happy puppy who will take on life with their forever home.

My partner, Colton, also had the joy of being raised with Labs. Upon learning of my lifelong involvement with dogs, breeding, and adoption programs, Colton was without question ready to take on the same mission as myself.

Together as a family, we are beyond pleased to bring to you the Labrador Retriever.

The gals