The price of a Purebred Labrador Retriever:

$1800.00 (Plus HST)

Process from start to finish

  1. Inquire; email, Facebook or give us a call!
  2. Send through an Application.
  3. Place a deposit for requested waitlist/adoption list.
  4. Waitlist/ Adoption list confirmation – we will send you this once you are officially on a list.
  5. Puppies are born! We will reach out and offer you a spot on the adoption list depending on availability. (Updates will not be sent prior to  the puppy being a week old). 
  6. Updates bi-weekly; videos and/or photos.
  7. Adoption date and time sent out 
  8. Adoption Day !!

    Contact Information

    *The requested information is all required for completion of CKC registration.

    Puppy Questions

    Color of Interest:

    Gender Desired:

    Time Frame:


    General Questions

    Have you raised a puppy before?

    Don’t worry, we will be here to support you throughout the experience!

    Do you rent or own your residence?

    If so, do you have permission from the home owner to have a Labrador in the residence?

    Do you currently have any other pets in your residence?

    If so, what are they, how old, and are they up to date with vaccinations and any necessary care?

    Have you read the health agreement?

    Please revisit the Health Agreement and Read the Terms and Conditions

    Click Submit below and allow one to two business days for a reply.