Health Agreement

All our pups are adopted with a two-year health agreement. The agreement can be provided upon request, and will provided in a hard copy upon adoption. In brief the agreement states that:

  1. The Health Agreement is between purchaser and seller
  2.  The purchaser has three weeks to arrange for future vet care and ensure that the pup will be vaccinated accordingly
  3. Purchasers will be responsible for any routine/annual expenses incurred.
  4. If the puppy fails to be deemed healthy contrary to the adoption status the purchaser shall be granted a return given the proper care has been administered since the time the puppy has left Riverbend.
  5. A replacement puppy may not be available immediately
  6. If it is determined that the puppy is to undergo a series of treatments Riverbend is willing to take the puppy back into their care indefinitely.
  7.  After three weeks under the circumstances the dog has been properly cared for, vaccinated, socialized and housed a 2-year Health Agreement is provided for hereditary hip dysplasia, hereditary elbow dysplasia and PRA blindness (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). In the event this should occur written test results from a certified radiologist as well as a second Veterinary examination are required for return. No cash returns. If it is decided that the owner wishes to keep the puppy, Riverbend will compensate the fees for the specific ailment noted above, up until the worth of the puppy itself.
  8. In the event of a death buyers are responsible for the cost of the autopsy unless otherwise discussed with Riverbend.
  9. All of the pups are sold on a Non-Breeding Agreement through the Canadian Kennel Club
  10.  The purchaser is obligated to provide adequate medical care, housing, nutrition and socialization. If these requirements are not met the 2-year Health Agreement is void.
  11. Riverbend cannot guarantee the size (height and weight), temperament, color or disposition of the lab puppy.
  12.  You understand that at any point you can reach out to us here at Riverbend for advice, help, information, tips, etc. We are interested in the life of your new puppy and encourage any updates and photographs throughout the lifetime of this puppy