Frequently Asked Questions

Can we visit the puppies?

Visiting the kennel is not an option prior to adoption day as we want to make sure that our puppies are not at risk for catching any viruses that may affect their health. Therefore exposing the puppies before their vaccinations is something that we do not do.

As well, ask yourself these questions; When is the last time you pet a dog? Went to a farm? Were exposed to potential viruses or parasites? Was the last dog you pet up to date on his/her vaccinations?

Can we see the parents?

The policy stated above regarding visitation also extends to our adult dogs. Our adults are in direct contact with young pups from the day of birth until 8 weeks old, again this creates a gateway for the exchange of potential viruses and parasites between adult and puppy.

Due to such we discourage visits with the adults. Exceptions can be made for the following:

  • The request to visit is from a client who is actively on a waitlist or an adoption list
  • The requesting person/family can guarantee that they have not had contact with unvaccinated or sick dogs/cats/farm animals, etc.
  • The requesting person/family has not been at a kennel or dog daycare in the week prior
  • The requesting person/family understands that it is their responsibility to respect such policies and that a failure to do so will result in the visit being declined, or the family being removed from the waitlist/adoption list

How does adoption work?

 Each family on the waitlist is provided a date and time for the adoption of their new lab. The times are in order of deposit which indicates the order in which the family will be picking their lab. First deposit is first pick, second deposit is second pick and so on. Furthermore, the puppies will not be individually picked prior to the adoption day unless decided otherwise by Riverbend.

Accommodations can be made for families out of province or who can absolutely not attend the kennel for their designated date and time.

It is encouraged that families attend in person.

What are the parents like?

Information on individual parents can be provided upon request.

Is there a difference between the personalities of the labs based on their colors?

This is a common misconception dog owners have when choosing their new puppy. There is no direct correlation between puppies’ personalities and the colour of their coat, this rather depends more on the style of lab, American vs English. This topic has always been a debate in the Labrador Retriever breeding line for quite some time and can be drawn back to each color of lab, their era of establishment, and the social acceptance around each. For a quick FYI the black lab was the original Labrador, later called the Labrador Retriever after being identified as a good tool to retrieve waterfowl in the flood lands of our neighbours across the pond. Next was the yellow lab, and then the chocolate lab. There are numerous colors of labs including but not limited to silver labs, fox red labs, charcoal labs, dudley labs, etc. However, the three colors recognized by the CKC are the black lab, the chocolate lab, and the yellow lab.

 Does Riverbend breed the English or American Labrador Retriever?

 At Riverbend we breed the labrador retriever; both English and American style labs. The English style lab is commonly known to have a blocky head, thick tail, chunky body and “lazy” personality; known for success in the show ring with an emphasis on confirmation. The American style lab, also known as the field lab, can be described as having a longer body, long legs, and a pointy sharp face; known for success in field trials and hunting. The American and English Lab were once one in the same, originating in our neighbouring province Newfoundland (not from Labrador!). Since the breed originated certain breeding lines focused on certain characteristics and bred to obtain them which led to the common day division of the lab into the two said categories.